Emirates Airline

Emirates is a primary and big subsidiary of Emirates Group of UAE. It is a state owned airline of United States of Emirates, while it has a headquarter at Garhoud, Dubai, UAE. Emirates Airline was founded on March 25, 1985 and it started its flight operations official on October 25, 1985. It got basic cabin crew training from Pakistan International Airline. Its fleet size is about 257 and its serves for 161 destinations. It has become the largest and most successful airline in the Middle East. Usually it operates more than 3,600 domestic and international flights every week.

Most Luxurious Airline:

No doubt, Emirates Airline is one of the most luxurious, developed and well-furnished airlines of the world. It has world's best and latest aircrafts for passengers and cargo purposes as well. It offers you all types of journey of the world either on seats, in your private rooms or in corporate cabins depending upon your request.

Maximum Flights per Week:

Emirates Airline manages more than 3600 flights every week for domestic and international destinations. The airline is famous for its frequent flight operations and more numbers of destinations in this world. It serves billions of the people every year with its trustworthy and affordable flight operations.

Affordable by the Asians:

Most of Asians, especially the Pakistanis are extremely interested to fly the world with Emirates Airline. So, they use this airline massively for their Europe and American trips. Businessmen, families and tourists keep Emirates Airline at their first choice. It has become much affordable airline for Asians that always receive discounted flights of their desired cities, countries and destinations.

Right Floor to Book a Flight:

In Lahore, Bliss Travels & Tours provides complete assistance to the people for booking their flights with Emirates Airline. We have a direct access to Emirates flights, schedules, seat selection, confirmation and reservation of flights in advance.



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