Shaheen Airline

Shaheen Airline was a Pakistani private airline that was owned by Sehbai family. It was founded in 1993, while it commenced its flight operations on October 25, 1994. It acquired almost 12 aircrafts to run the airline till 2003, while its current fleet size is just 2 aircrafts. Shaheen Airline got massive success in cargo and domestic flight operations. Later on; owners of this airline Mr. Kahisf Mahmud Sehbai and Ehsan Khalid Sehbai flee from Pakistan to Canada for avoiding prosecution debt by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. Headquarter of Shaheen Airline was Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan

Flight Operation & Fleet Size:

Fleet size of Shaheen Airline in the past years was up to 12 aircrafts in which Airbus and Boeing aircrafts were included. In current, it has just 2 aircrafts in the flee, but the airline is inactive at the moment after ceasing it in 2018. It was operating flight operations in 22 destinations; including domestic and international destinations.

Airline Ceased in 2018:

Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan ceased Shaheen Airline on August 01, 2018 for debt of prosecution to the owners of this airline. Airline flee from Pakistan due to some financial troubles. Salaries of employees were not given by airline and many other reasons were behind ceasing and cancelling flight operations of Shaheen Airline.

Reasons Behind Ceased & Failure:

Shaheen Airline faced many air crashes in past years. The owners of this airline suffered from some unusual financial crisis and the family went through many troubles that compelled them to flee from Pakistan. Airline was ceased in mid of 2018 due to unpaid debts and salaries of its employees.

Expectations about Resume:

There are many expectations and perceptions of the people in Pakistan about Shaheen Airline. Most business communities believe that Sehbai family will resume the airline soon and continue its flight operations in all of its destinations.


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