We’ve made it more comfortable for the honeymooners to find the best and most affordable destination from Pakistan to enjoy their honeymoon trips. We bring very special packages for the following key and big honeymoon destinations.

Dubai, UAE Newyear Package:

Dubai is the 7th most visited city by tourists around the world. It is a good thing for Pakistanis that they can easily get tour visa of Dubai, especially for a honeymoon trip. It is the best and most gorgeous piece of land on earth ever for honeymooners and lovers. We bring an affordable one along with impressive travelling and accommodation facilities.

We offer a starting package from PKR. 79,999 per person. Visa fee and insurance are included in this, but air ticket is excluded. Two people are minimum allowed in this package, while the accommodation will be in 3 Star Hotel. Total stay will be for 4 nights and 5 days. For further detail, click and visit;

Thailand Newyear Package :

Thailand is one of the most inspiring destinations for newly wedded people in Pakistan. It is most famous for a variety of massage services, casinos and natural places. More than 16 million tourists visit this destination every year to spend their holidays and for the honeymoon. Thai culture and heritage arrest attention of the tourists across this world.

We bring a comfortable and affordable package with PKR. 85,000 per person in which visa fee is included only. There is no insurance and air ticket cost included in this package, while your stay will for maximum 06 nights and 07 days in 3 Star hotel. Minimum two persons can avail this package to travel to Thailand.

Singapore Newyear Package :

Singapore has its creative and very antique culture of several centuries behind. It is most popular among newlywed couples and lovers that want to visit an amazing piece of land around the world. It hosts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Singapore is popular for its construction ideas, shopping malls, beautiful twin towers, tourist places, natural venues, impressive cuisines and luxurious hotels for travellers.

We offer you the best package for each person from PKR. 49,000 only that included visa fee-only, while it does not include any insurance and air ticket cost. Minimum people allowed to use this package will be two, while accommodation will be provided in the 3-star hotel. You will stay for 4 nights and 5 days in this package.

Malaysia Newyear Package :

Malaysian development, shopping malls, mouthwatering foods, interesting places, beaches, natural sites, casinos and resorts are prominent things for tourists. Millions of tourists fly to Malaysia every year for spending their vacations. Weather in this country is suitable for tourists coming from all over Asia. Pakistanis can get Malaysian Visa quite easily.

We introduce “New Year Package” to Pakistanis to travel to Malaysia. Our package starts at PKR. 85,000 per head that includes visa ticket and accommodation in 3-star hotel only. There is no insurance and air ticket cost is included in this package. Minimum persons allowed to travel Malaysia are 2 with a stay for 6 nights and 7 days only.

Turkey Newyear Package :

Turkey is the most impressive and attractive piece of land on earth which you must visit. It is famous for its antique history, Knights, ancient ruins, Islamic History, Mosques, beaches, luxurious resorts and European lifestyle. It is also a splendid country with the world’s most delicious desserts and tastiest Cuisines.

Our honeymoon package from Pakistan to Turkey starts with PKR. 79,999 per person. This cost does not include air ticket, while visa fee and insurance charges are included in the package. Two persons will minimum can get this package, while they will be able to stay for 6 nights and 5 days in 3-star hotel.