Every human’s life is limited to an average of 55 to 60 only. We’ve only one life and an age of 55 years to live on earth. It is up to us whether we make our lives adventurous by executing recreational and daring things or follow boring routines we observed our elders doing to spend their own lives.

It can be a thrilling idea to explore at least one culture from a country. If we count every year of our life to visit a whole country/nation and its multiple cultures, then how much adventurous it will be? The “Earth” is the most beautiful place for human beings to live and know the wonders hidden in it.

Thousands of young daring boys and girls have visited almost dozens of countries, nations and hundreds of cultures in a couple of or more decades of their lives.

She is a young, daring, ambitious and courageous girl that planned to reserve three decades of her life to visit 30 countries. This is really an inspiring idea that can be a big mission of this young girl in her life. Below is the list of countries she has visited so far:

  • Finland (Lapland)
  • Spain (Barcelona, Balearic Islands)
  • Italy (Venice, Skiing in Vialattea)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Wales (Cardiff, Tenby)
  • France (Paris, Calais, Limoges)
  • USA (Las Vegas, Los Angeles)
  • Ireland (Dublin)
  • Belgium (Brussels)
  • Scotland (Edinburgh)
  • Croatia (Split, Korcula)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Iceland (Reykjavik)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Portugal (Madeira, Lisbon)
  • Morocco (Marrakesh)
  • Czech Republic (Prague)
  • Poland (Krakow)
  • Norway (Oslo)

Before to travel the world or specific countries you have listed; you will need to grow your ambition, consciousness, determination, and courage. Everyone can think creatively and set his/her travelling missions as she did and executed as well. You can shortlist the countries you think you must visit to explore their cultures and traditions and then keep visiting each country.

One year is enough period to plan, visit, enjoy a country and collect the culture of the nation. You must be punctual in this creative mission and keep marking every nation or country you have visited in the last year. It will let you live your life with an adventure, creative goals and lots of things as well.

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