We’re here to let you know the most fabulous and amazing international destinations for your summer vacation. We make you fly to the best and most gorgeous destinations on earth where you must have your vacations with your friends, families, colleagues, and lovers.

Top 5 Best Tour Ideas for Summer Vacations:

In following. we’ve mentioned the 5 best and most amazing destinations around the world to be traveled in this summer vacation.

Europe Tour of 4 Countries:

Europe is the most developed, leveraged, and gorgeous land on earth that arrests the attention of the people across the world. Europe is famous for its intensive winter, continuous snowfall, luxurious hotels, shopping malls, antique towers, splendid lifestyle, modern culture, oldest heritage, freedom, tastiest cuisines, and gorgeous venues to be visited.

We have introduced a special tour package for all Pakistanis to travel 4 European countries for summer vacations. Minimum people allowed in this trip are two and the cost of the package for each person will be PKR. 375,000 that includes visa and insurance cost, while air ticket is excluded. This package will offer you a trip of 14 nights and 15 days of Switzerland, Italy, France & Spain.

Baku 04 Nights Package:

Baku, Azerbaijan has become a commercial hub of the country. It is extremely famous for its grandeur history, oldest culture, natural resources, mining sector, real estate development, lifestyle, and specific heritage that is rare in the world. Baku has a large number of natural venues, beaches, resorts, hotels, casinos, clubs, and many other places for travelers to entertain them.

We bring a travelling package of Baku for 4 nights and 5 days, while two people are minimum allowed to take this offer. Tourists will get accommodation in 3-star hotel, while package cost starts from PKR.65,000 per head that includes only visa fee, while insurance and air ticket costs are not included.

Dubai, UAE 05 Nights Package:

Dubai is an internationally famous tourist place ever in the Middle East. It is extremely popular among the tourists for its long and blue beaches, grandeur construction, advanced lifestyle, entertaining clubs, places, resorts, Arabic cuisines and Islamic Culture.

We have a very special package for a minimum of 2 persons to travel to Dubai at a cost of PKR.65,000 only. This package includes visa fee, while there is no insurance and air ticket cost is included. Your stay will be for 5 nights and 6 days in a 3-star hotel.

London, UK Special Package:

London is an expensive, most advanced and gorgeous city in this world. Billions of the tourists each fly to London for their summer vacations. This city is much preferable by tourists for its luxurious lifestyle, hotels, advanced architecture, antique country history, British culture, English heritage, cuisines, famous wines, splendid monuments and leveraged communities. You will have a lot of things to view and enjoy your tour of London.

Our package starts with PKR.1,10,000 per person, while two people minimum are allowed to take this offer. Stay will be for 4 nights and 5 days in 3-star hotel. The package cost includes only visa fee, while air ticket and insurance cost are excluded in per head price.

Sri Lanka & Maldives Whole Week Package:

Sri Lanka and the Maldives are Asian countries that are famous for their religious histories, oldest culture, heritage, folk traditions, beautiful beaches, open area resorts, conventional cuisines, islands, and rare lifestyle. These countries are the most wonderful pieces of land for honeymooners and tourists that want to view the hidden beauty of Earth.

We bring a package of 6 nights and 7 days of both countries against PKR.105,000 per head. Minimum 2 people are allowed in this tour package. Visa fee is included, but there is no cost of insurance and air ticket in this total price. Your stay will be in a 3-star hotel, while you can spend a whole period in both Asian countries.